Puss Williamson Betsheet.com Sports Betting Expert

Before the Las Vegas Sports Consultants, Puss Williamson was one of the original sports authorities to work with many of the major Las Vegas Sportsbooks in the linesmaking capacity. With a blend of innovative stats tracking and personal service, Puss Williamson was reknown for early line calls and unexpected line shifts. Seeing an end to his free lance services upon the upstart of LVSC in 1983, Puss Williamson regretfully conceded his services at the public level.

Puss moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. in 1989 where he dabbled in commercial real estate and venture capitalism, until returning to sports consulting in 1993 during the on-line startup frenzy. As one of the world's most respected free lance authorities in gaming resources, Puss Williamsom has spent most of the 90's working for half a dozen start ups in sportsbook consultation and security.

Indeed, the Las Vegas Sporting News recognized Puss in its December 17, 1994 issue, and wrote that: "Gerald [Puss] Williamson, efforts to improve functionality of off-shore based sportsbooks, has cut development time by half."

The popularity of Puss Williamson working in the private handicapping sector spawned Betsheet.com. As a private member of Puss Williamson's Betsheet, you will find yourself among a community of very serious and successful sports investors.

Game Line Price
Miami vs Washington Money $25 Add
New York vs Cleveland Total $25 Add
Baltimore vs Minnesota Spread $25 Add
Full Records Wins Losses Win % Bankroll
Yesterday 2 1 67% +$400
Last 7 Days 10 10 50% -$505
Last 30 Days 55 33 63% +$10,170
Last 60 Days 103 81 56% +$8,420
Last 90 Days 167 123 58% +$17,660
Last 365 Days 1,021 667 60% +$147,960
Since Start 11,931 8,957 57% +$1,251,190