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Johnny Pham

  • Minnesota vs Denver (Spread)
  • Oklahoma City vs Los Angeles (Total)

Puss Williamson

  • Chicago vs Memphis (Total)
  • Minnesota vs Denver (Total)
  • Dayton vs VCU (Spread)
  • Ole Miss vs Georgia (Spread)
  • Toledo vs Akron (Spread)
  • Ohio vs Northern Illinois (Spread)
  • South Carolina vs Missouri (Spread)

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Spotting Loose Vegas Lines

To fully grasp the value of BetSheet you must first understand the process of vegas odds origination. Odds for Las Vegas & offshore sportsbooks are set by a group in Las Vegas called the LVSC (Las Vegas Sports Consultants). The purpose of the LVSC's is not necessarily to handicap a match-up but rather to forecast a line that will yield a split in the betting action from the public.  Our sports betting picks give you the edge over the Vegas odds!

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Puss Williamson A Brief Intro

Before the Las Vegas Sports Consultants, Puss Williamson was one of the original sports authorities to work with many of the major Las Vegas sportsbooks in the lines making capacity. With a unique blend of experience, stats tracking, and natural gut instinct Gerald "Puss" Willamson and have quickly become the sports handicappers trusted resource on game day. So if you are looking for help this season then Betsheet is your ticket. Join BetSheet now!

Puss Williamson Vs Las Vegas Oddsmakers

Las Vegas sports odds are generated by humans, and where humans are involved there is always a margin of error. Professional handicappers, like pro poker players, can always spot the errors. uses a comprehensive list of tools and professional guidance to help you make smarter, more informed sports betting decisions. Odds are meant to attract specific betting action which is why BetSheet will help you avoid the betting traps and poor sports investing decisions.