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Most weekend warriors place bets on sports for fun and to provide a bit of excitement while watching the big game. Most squares won't employ logic to their picks but they are typically based upon the college they attended or home town team they support. If your goal is to have place a small wager and have fun then there is nothing wrong with this approach but if your mindset is to invest with a purpose and a goal then you have found the right advisor.

Johnny Pham is a first generation Asian American who was raised by strict, disciplined parents that took a big risk moving to America for their children. Education, structure, discipline and respect were ingrained in Johnny from a young age and it was expected that Johnny succeed with his studies and professional life. Even though Johnny followed his own path to success he still holds true to his family values.

Mathematics are the main component to sports betting. If your mathematical skills are weak you must fill the void by using software but you need understand the numbers involved with sports betting.

I have been investing since I was a child. Investing to me is second nature and you must be smart with your money. Whether you are investing in stocks, real estate or sports picks you must research your investment from all angles. Betting on sports is a lot like investing in securities or purchasing shares of a stock like General Electric. You understand that your investment is about growing your finances over a set period of time. My approach to sports betting is the same as investing in stocks or mutual funds where there will be ebb and flow but in the end I will bring a very profitable return.

If you're serious about sports investing as an alternative method to increasing your finances then I look forward to partnering with you and offering my services. My discipline and knowledge of sports betting is second to none and I am surrounded by some of the best sports investors in the world at You can guarantee our advice is backed by years of research and preparation.

Date Sport Teams Pick Result Bankroll
2/18/2019 NCAAB Idaho @ Eastern Washington Eastern Washington -16 (-105) Win +500
2/17/2019 NCAAB Seton Hall @ Creighton Creighton -4.5 (-110) Loss -550
2/17/2019 NCAAB Houston @ Tulane Houston -18.5 (-105) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Northern Arizona @ Sacramento State Sacramento State -7 (-110) Loss -550
2/16/2019 NCAAB Bradley @ Illinois State Bradley +4 (-110) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Austin Peay @ Morehead State Austin Peay -5 (-110) Loss -550
2/16/2019 NCAAB Southeast Missouri State @ Eastern Illinois Southeast Missouri State +6 (-105) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Texas State @ Arkansas-Little Rock Texas State -2.5 (-110) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Iowa State @ Kansas State Kansas State -3 (-110) Loss -550
2/16/2019 NCAAB Mercer @ East Tennessee State East Tennessee State -11.5 (-110) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Drexel @ Towson Towson -1.5 (-105) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Miami-Ohio @ Western Michigan Western Michigan +5 (-110) Win +500
2/16/2019 NCAAB Fordham @ Rhode Island Fordham +11 (-110) Win +500
2/15/2019 NCAAB Monmouth @ Rider Rider -8 (-115) Win +500
2/14/2019 NCAAB Gonzaga @ Loyola Marymount Loyola Marymount +20.5 (-110) Win +500
2/14/2019 NCAAB Jacksonville State @ Tennessee Tech Jacksonville State -10 (-110) Push +0
2/14/2019 NCAAB UTEP @ Louisiana Tech UTEP +10.5 (-110) Loss -550
2/14/2019 NCAAB Tulsa @ Tulane Tulsa -7 (-105) Win +500
2/14/2019 NCAAB Kent State @ Western Michigan Kent State -3.5 (-110) Win +500
2/13/2019 NCAAB Arizona State @ Colorado Colorado -2 (-105) Win +500
2/13/2019 NCAAB Syracuse @ North Carolina State Syracuse +3 (-110) Loss -550
2/13/2019 NCAAB Southern Methodist @ Temple Southern Methodist +5 (-115) Loss -575
2/13/2019 NCAAB Saint Louis @ George Washington Saint Louis -4.5 (-110) Win +500
2/12/2019 NCAAB Duke @ Louisville Duke -8 (-105) Loss -525
2/12/2019 NCAAB Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan Northern Illinois -2.5 (-110) Loss -550

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