David Price Betsheet.com Sports Betting Expert

David's passion for sports, unlimited energy and his love of numbers have made him an unstoppable force. He has his own personal (and private) set of "power rankings" which he is constantly adjusting. He makes a line for every game on the board, well before one is officially released. More often than not, his number is bang on when it's not, in order to find out why, he digs deeper. That's just the beginning. From there, he incorporates a combination of fundamental, situational, and statistical factors. When he determines the released sports line is not in line with his predictive sports line he strikes. Using the knowledge he gleaned from decades of sports gambling he understands the need to adapt. Sports-betting is constantly changing. What works one season (or week) won't necessarily work the next. David doesn't have favorites. Give him an edge and he'll play on or against any team. Whether its football, basketball, baseball or betting on bases.

While other handicappers measure success by weeks, months or seasons, David measures success by decades and 60% cashes. When asked what his secret was he likes to say "there is no secret, I simply know more about the matchups than the public". Team up with David Price this season for a new type of handicapping that will put you in the driver's seat every week.

Date Sport Teams Pick Result Bankroll
4/20/2021 NBA Orlando @ Atlanta Atlanta -12.5 (-110) Win +500
4/19/2021 NBA Utah @ LA Lakers Under 216 (-110) Win +500
4/19/2021 NBA Oklahoma City @ Washington Washington -12.5 (-115) Loss -575
4/18/2021 NBA Sacramento @ Dallas Under 230 (-110) Win +500
4/18/2021 NBA Indiana @ Atlanta Over 231.5 (-110) Win +500
4/17/2021 NBA Memphis @ Milwaukee Milwaukee -8.5 (-110) Loss -550
4/17/2021 NBA Utah @ LA Lakers Over 217 (-110) Win +500
4/16/2021 NBA New York @ Dallas Under 210.5 (-110) Loss -550
4/16/2021 NBA Indiana @ Utah Over 233.5 (-110) Loss -550
4/14/2021 NBA Miami @ Denver Under 213 (-110) Loss -550
4/14/2021 NBA Dallas @ Memphis Dallas -2 (-105) Loss -525

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