Brendon Katsaros Sports Betting Expert

Brendon is a young gun slinger that has a proven instinct in finding value in both college basketball and football. Originally from Tempe, Arizona, Brendon made his way out to Vegas and broke onto the scene in his early twenties. Brendon wowed the Las Vegas sharks by putting together one of the most lucrative NFL/College Football combines runs in recent memory in his first year as a professional sports handicapper. It didn't take long for Brendon to amass a following in and around Las Vegas for his MLB, college basketball and grid-iron picks. Brendon is a welcomed new member of While everybody else is chasing the marquee match-ups, he tends to always uncover hidden gems in the lower market matchups. He does his homework daily so you can bet with confidence every week without spending hours doing analysis on every game. It's often been said that he is a cut above the rest and his records prove it. Experience it first hand with his intuitive insight and daily winners!

System used in handicapping: He has developed his own form of fundamental handicapping. As far as he is concerned, it all starts with an in depth understanding of the coaches, personnel and matchups played on the field/court. Next, he considers situational and technical factors. Brendon's approach is a little different with professional sports than it is with collegiate ones. However, in all sports, obtaining optimal line value is always a key component.

Date Sport Teams Pick Result Bankroll
11/27/2022 NBA Memphis @ New York Over 232 (-110) Win +500
11/27/2022 NBA Indiana @ LA Clippers Over 221 (-110) Loss -550
11/27/2022 NBA Golden State @ Minnesota Over 234 (-110) Win +500
11/26/2022 NBA Utah @ Phoenix Over 230 (-110) Loss -550
11/26/2022 NBA Oklahoma City @ Houston Over 231.5 (-115) Loss -575
11/25/2022 NBA Denver @ LA Clippers LA Clippers +3 (-110) Loss -550
11/25/2022 NBA Utah @ Golden State Utah +7 (-110) Loss -550
11/25/2022 NBA Cleveland @ Milwaukee Over 215.5 (-112) Win +500
11/25/2022 NBA Philadelphia @ Orlando Philadelphia +1 (-110) Win +500
11/23/2022 NBA Chicago @ Milwaukee Chicago +7 (-103) Win +500
11/23/2022 NBA New Orleans @ San Antonio Under 232.5 (-110) Loss -550
11/23/2022 NBA Dallas @ Boston Over 220.5 (-110) Win +500
11/23/2022 NBA Washington @ Miami Miami -5 (-110) Win +500
11/22/2022 NBA Brooklyn @ Philadelphia Philadelphia +7.5 (-110) Win +500
11/21/2022 NBA New York @ Oklahoma City New York +1.5 (-110) Win +500
11/21/2022 NBA Orlando @ Indiana Indiana -7 (-115) Win +500

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